I am profoundly atheist.

What a relief to bring this, first into thought, and then into words. What a redemption.

What a joy observing everything through its only own beauty, clear, pure, straight, raw, sharp, close.

Everything existing by no reason, with no purpose, just as cristalized sumatories of beautiful amazing awesome casualities, accidents, distortions, atractions.

My mind free of filtered interpretations, just in direct observation of the events, being the privileged witness of every one-off event and wonder.

The water is clearer, the oxigen purer, the stone colder, the skin softer, my perception sharper.

No owner, no creator, infinte freedom, ethernal existence of life and inercy.

Total disappearance of omnipresent anthropocentrism.

Complete sense of us being dispensable, absolute joy of everything else being perdurable beyond our vicious destruction and gross excretions.

Tears in my eyes thinking all this Beauty could and will trascend our compulsive devastation.

Wanting to dilute and vanish humanityless into the efervescence of liquid solutions, to tear my tiny limited existence into precious particles of inert mineral or vibrant organics.

Meanwhile working my mind to be widely aware of every precious second and milimeter of all materia.

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