What are, in the end, the straight pleasures, with no interpretation, with no cultural or social conditionality?

Starting from the base that there is no god, that there is no soul,

that there is no afterlife, and of course, no reward for goodness,

that any act of artistic expression is not universal but only understood by our species,

that all feelings, corporal pleasure, and social emotions are chemically built to survive within the protection of the group and to perpetuate the species,

what is left?

Our body screams as an animal for food, sex, and community appreciation as a reflex act to survive. And our mind orchestrate, as a tricky proprietor, all kind of intricate systems as if they were the goal and not what they really are, the instruments of our survival.

Apart from the differences of the community culture each of us is living, all we do in our lives is survive and perpetuate the species.

For example, the deepest love a mother has for her children is a pristine and perfect system by which our species can survive. Woven chemical and psychological infinite reactions to thousand years repeated stimuli.

So, how step out of the biological machine we are every second?

First of all, the only question is already placing our foot out of the performance of the machine itself. That is obvious. My theory is that our mental processes (only the conscious part of our mental complex activity)  act outside the survival procedures, meaning self destruction, other members of our species aniquilation, and natural environment pointless destruction. In one word, our conscious mind could be called unnatural. Some times evil, but some times magical, it must be said.

I hate saying this but, maybe, that unnatural mind that constantly find a new way of murder, annihilation and destruction, could be the answer to my pray for redemption. Maybe only it can give the sense to this pointless existence.


The only way conscious mind can create a non physical pleasure: awareness, consciousness, absolute perception of the exact moment of the existence by using the senses without survival purpose… just by the pleasure of the physical perception, the consciousness and the awareness itself.

By the only observation of all the existing, the only observation of ourselves in all the existing, and the only observation of our own conscious minds perceiving all of that.


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